Corrections Administrative Job Postings

Rhode Island Department of Corrections (RIDOC)
One Capitol Hill
Providence, RI. 02908
For more information, call Deborah Dawson at 401-222-3454 or email deborah.dawson@hr.ri.gov

State of Rhode Island
Director of Corrections

The State of Rhode Island seeks an individual with superior leadership skills and significant experience in the field of corrections to serve as the Director of the Rhode Island Department of Corrections (RIDOC). The Director serves as a member of the Governors cabinet and is subject to confirmation by the Rhode Island State Senate.

The RIDOC has an excellent record of institutional safety, a commitment to creative and progressive thinking about rehabilitation and re-entry of offenders, use of evidence-based programs and methods to reduce recidivism, and effective stewardship of public funds. The successful candidate must possess an outstanding record of professionalism and personal integrity. The candidate must demonstrate expertise in corrections management, a record of successful budget oversight and personnel management, a commitment to research-based criminal justice reform and public safety, and a willingness work cooperatively with all sectors of the criminal justice system, including law enforcement, the defense bar, community advocates, the judiciary and the legislature.

The RIDOC is a unified correctional system that is responsible for the care, custody, and control of all pre-trial detainees, sentenced individuals (regardless of sentence length or crime), and offenders on probation, parole, and electronic monitoring. There are currently six operating facilities on the RIDOC campus in Cranston, RI that comprise the Adult Correctional Institutions (ACI): one jail (the Intake Service Center) and five sentenced facilities (High Security Center, Maximum Security Facility, Medium Security Facility, Minimum Security Facility, and the Womens Facility).

The average daily inmate population at the ACI (FY17) is approximately 3000. In FY17, approximately 13,000 individuals were committed to the Intake Service Center with an average length of stay of 23 days. There are currently just under 24,000 people on probation or parole. The RIDOC has an annual budget of about $235M.

The Director is supported by an executive team of highly qualified professionals, including an Assistant Director for Institutions and Operations, an Assistant Director for Rehabilitative Services, and an Assistant Director for Administration. There are 1423 authorized positions at the RIDOC, 933 of whom are uniformed correctional officers represented by the RI Brotherhood of Correctional Officers. Other categories of employees are represented by other unions (e.g., probation and parole workers, teachers, maintenance workers). Experience working with unionized employees and labor contracts is imperative.

Interested persons should send a cover letter and resume addressed to Deborah Dawson, Director of Human Resources, RI Dept. of Human Resources, One Capitol Hill, Providence, RI 02908, or email them to deborah.dawson@hr.ri.gov. For questions please call (401) 222-3454.
This position will remain open until filled.


SDDOC - Mike Durfee State Prison
Mike Durfee State Prison
Springfield, SD. 57062
For more information, call Danielle Fisch at 605-367-5158 or email danielle.fisch@state.sd.us

For more information or to apply please visit: https://scssdltmweb.agilera.net/ltm/CandidateSelfService/lm?_ln=JobSearchResults&_r=1&bto=JobPosting&dataarea=ltm&name=PostingDisplay&service=form&webappname=CandidateSelfService&HROrganization=1&JobRequisition=9753&JobPosting=1

Open Warden position at Mike Durfee State Prison in Springfield South Dakota
The Warden is responsible for the planning, operation, direction, and management of the Mike Durfee State Prison, Rapid City Community Work Center and Yankton Community Work Center. The position will involve occasional overnight travel to the DOC Administrative Office in Pierre, other state prisons, and out-of-state conferences.

Total Full-time employees for Mike Durfee State Prison, Yankton Community Work Center and Rapid City Community Work center is approximately 190. The annual budget for Mike Durfee State Prison, Yankton Community Center, and Rapid City Community Work Center is $18 million.

The Ideal Candidate Will Have:

A bachelor's degree in criminal justice, sociology, or a related field, and at least three years of experience in corrections or law enforcement administration is preferred.

Knowledge of:
human behavior, institutional psychology, operational management and the criminal justice system.

Ability to:

Display High Integrity - Create an environment that fosters high ethical standards.
Exercise Due Diligence - Manage resources and day-to-day responsibilities in a manner that instills public trust. This includes security of facilities to ensure the safety of the public, staff and inmates.
Act Decisively - Use vision, creativity, reasoning and experience to reach conclusions and make effective decisions.
Critically Think - Make good decisions even under a great deal of stress.
Organizational Change - Proactively and successfully bring about change based on evidence based practices to improve public safety.
Focus on Offenders Programming - Anticipate and meet the needs of offenders by delivering and continuously improving quality programming to lower recidivism.
Take Entrepreneurial Risks - Identify opportunities to develop new evidence based practices and encourages resourceful and innovative solutions to problems.
Build Strong Alliances - Develop networks and uses them to strengthen internal and external organizational support.
Turn Vision into Strategy - Think and act strategically to ensure the agency moves towards its mission.
Demonstrate Astuteness - Use personal influence, combined with an understanding of internal organizational reality and external factors, to positively affect results for the agency.
Maintain Professional Credibility - Keep current with developments in field of expertise and apply this knowledge to effectively manage resources.
Build Competence - Foster continuous learning and self-development and ensure employees have the tools and training to do their jobs, effectively and safely.

Please apply by April, 2nd 2018.

Oregon Department of Corrections
Salem, OR. 97301
For more information, call Rhonda Crawford at 503-934-1056 or email rhonda.crawford@doc.state.or.us

The Oregon Department of Corrections invites interested professionals to apply for the position of Communications Administrator in Salem. The Office of Communications is charged with furthering the department's mission and goals through close collaboration with the agency's external and internal stakeholders, both inside and beyond the realm of public safety.

This is an Executive Service position. If you are selected, you'll become part of the Department's leadership team.

The Communications Administrator is responsible to develop and advise the Director and Executive Team on public affairs/government relations, including internal and external communication strategies and methods, direct internal/employee communication, coordinate internal legislative activities, and direct government relations and special projects in support of the Department of Corrections. Your application materials will be reviewed to verify that you have six years of progressively more responsible management experience that is closely related to communication/public relations, media and legislative experience in a public or private organization which has included responsibilities for each of the following: a) development of program rules and policies; b) development of long- and short-range goals and plans; c) program evaluation; and d) budget preparation.

Must apply at: https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/oregon/jobs/2011301/principal-executive-manager-g-communications-administrator.

Must apply by Friday, March 23, 2018.

Nevada Department of Corrections Prison Industries Division
3955 W. Russell Rd.
Las Vegas, NV. 89118
For more information, call Kenneth Goodly at 702-486-9912 or email kgoodly@doc.nv.gov

State of Nevada
Department of Corrections

Deputy Director, Industrial Programs (U9033)

Nevada Department of Corrections Prison Industries Division

Recruitment Open to:
This is an open competitive recruitment, open to all qualified applicants. This is a full-time unclassified position that is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Director of the Nevada Department of Corrections.

Position Location: Las Vegas, Nevada or Carson City, Nevada

Approximate Annual Salary:
Up to $124,181 (Salary range reflects retirement (PERS) contributions by both the employee and employer.) An Employer paid contribution plan and Police-Fire Employer Paid Retirement plan are also available at the election of the employee; both results in a reduced gross salary. The State benefits package includes a retirement system, paid health, vision, dental, life and disability insurance; 11 paid holidays, and paid sick leave and annual leave. An explanation of the retirement options and information regarding state retirement benefits may be accessed at www.nvpers.org. A description of the current health benefits available to all employees may be accessed at https://pebp.state.nv.us. Other employee paid benefits such as deferred compensation plans are available.

The Position Responsibilities and Requirements:
The Nevada Department of Corrections is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Deputy Director for the Prison Industries Division. The mission of the NDOC is to improve public safety by ensuring a safe and humane environment that incorporates proven rehabilitation initiatives that prepare individuals for successful reintegration into our communities. Under the general direction of the Director of the Nevada Department of Corrections, this position is responsible for development, planning, supervision and fiscal management of the statewide correctional industries program and vocational education and training; and administers all industrial and agricultural programs for employment of offenders.

As such, the duties and responsibilities assigned to the position of Deputy Director for Prison Industries Division will include, but arent limited to:

Coordinate and direct the work of the States industrial programs; formulate administrative policies and make administrative decisions to ensure compliance with Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS), administrative regulations (ARs), applicable State regulations and ACA standards. Interpret program-related department policies and regulations as requested to the general public, community partners, and media. Develop a procedure manual for Prison Industries and review periodically to ensure compliance with ACA mandatory and non-mandatory standards.
Supervise correctional and private industry personnel to ensure compliance with program policies and procedures. Plan, organize and assign work tasks. Address technical, administrative and policy questions regarding services provided. Ensure operational effectiveness and efficiency of correctional and private industry personnel.
Serve in the capacity of department liaison with legislative committees, Governors Office, local units of government, private sector business enterprises, and educational entities, on technical and programmatic matters pertaining to prison industries related goals, objectives, plans, initiatives, services, and accomplishments.
Plan, supervise and coordinate all industry related programs for the Department. Integrate the program with other agency operations. Create a working environment as similar to the private industry as possible. Direct production, marketing, sales and fiscal affairs. Create and implement plans for developing new industries and expanding on existing ones. Identify markets for finished goods; and write specifications for new products. Ensure accountable and internal controls sufficient to inventory equipment, supplies and finished products.
Prepare and control industrial budget. Analyze cost, sales and revenue figures and projections. Conduct cost/benefit studies on industry operations. Review pricing policies and estimate future capital needs.
Develop and maintain a reporting system that includes cost records, marketing recommendations for sales goals, production costs and revenue projections. Ensure proper allocation of personnel, equipment and required resources to attain goals.

The candidate must have strong written and verbal communication skills, including public speaking ability; excellent organizational talents; the capacity to establish successful interpersonal relationships and teamwork. Ideally, the successful candidate will have demonstrated experience with industrial related programs and/or business enterprises; policy development; program oversight and marketing strategies.

Licenses, Certificates, Degrees, or Credentials required for position:
Bachelors degree from an accredited college or university and four years of experience providing administrative oversight to private or public sector industries, two years of which must be specific to prison industries in a correctional institution or facility; and include experience expanding on existing industries, developing and implementing new industries, and testifying to the legislature regarding prison industries, plans, goals and initiatives; OR completion of 60 semester hours at an accredited college or university and five years of experience providing administrative oversight to private or public sector industries, two years of which must be specific to prison industries in a correctional institution or facility; and include experience expanding existing industries, developing and implementing new industries, and testifying to the legislature regarding prison industries plans, goals and initiatives OR an equivalent combination of education and experience above the high school level.

To Apply:
Please submit a detailed resume and a cover letter which addresses your qualifications for the position. Resume must include a detailed description of your employment history, duties, number and level of staff supervised, and professional references to:

Kenneth Goodly, Personnel Analyst 2, 3955 West Russell Road, Las Vegas, Nevada
89118 or email at kgoodly@doc.nv.gov.

Applications will be accepted until recruitment needs are satisfied
Qualified individuals are encouraged to submit the application as early as possible, as this announcement may close at any time without notice.

El Dorado Correctional Facility (KDOC)
1737 SE Us Highway 54
El Dorado, KS. 67042
For more information, call Tracie Gauntt at 785-296-0041 or email tracie.gauntt@ks.gov

The Kansas Department of Corrections (KDOC) is seeking highly qualified applicants for the position of Warden El Dorado Correctional Facility, El Dorado KS. Position oversees administration of all areas of the El Dorado Correctional Facility (EDCF), including the Kansas Department of Corrections Reception and Diagnostics Unit (RDU), to ensure that prescribed activities are implemented and carried out in accordance with specified objectives. Employee is responsible for ensuring all policy and procedures are being handled appropriately by other departments regarding employees and inmates. As Appointing Authority, employee has the responsibility of ensuring the facility runs effectively and efficiently with problems being addressed as they occur.
Salary: $75,000.00 depending on demonstrated skills and experience. Unclassified (At-Will), Full-Time, Exempt, Benefits Eligible.
The incumbent has the overall responsibility for managing and directing the security, fiscal, human resources and physical plant programs of the facility and to ensure that prescribed activities are implemented and carried out in accordance with specified objectives
Manages, plans, organizes and administratively directs all activities of the El Dorado Correctional Facility (EDCF). Promulgates general orders, emergency orders and post orders to ensure compliance with federal and state law. Initiates necessary action to correct deficiencies. Through these activities, the safety, sanitation and security of EDCF are controlled and managed. Ensures the operation of EDCF is consistent with the Departments mission, policies and procedures

Responsible for managing the budget of EDCF within the constraints imposed by the Department of Corrections, the Division of Budget and the Kansas Legislature
Ensures the physical plant of EDCF is clean and well organized. Ensures the facility is free from major deficiencies in health and environment, fire safety, and safety and sanitation inspections. Establishes standards for the care, maintenance and utilization of resources, new construction and capital improvements. Develops strategies for the acquisition of funds required for physical plant enhancements. Ensures all projects are coordinated in a manner that assures they are completed on time, within budget, and in accordance with approved plans. Provides timely and accurate progress reports
Administers programs for effectively maintaining the safety and security of the public, employees and inmates. Develops and monitors contingency plans for handling emergency situations. Takes command of, and organizes and implements the strategy for resolution. Determines need, evaluates results and monitors all investigations and the collection and dissemination of intelligence information
Oversees correctional and rehabilitative programs including academic, vocational education, classification and records, volunteers, religious, mental health and recreational activities. Responds to correspondence from the public and to inmate grievances and property claims. Ensures a proper, fair and consistent inmate disciplinary process is implemented, maintained and monitored
Manages and directs the departmental function and operations of all inmates sentenced to the custody of the Secretary of Corrections. Assesses and evaluates admission and discharge processes to enhance the efficiency in processing inmates through the Reception and Diagnostic Unit (RDU)
Manages the human resources of EDCF in order to accomplish the facilitys goals and objectives. Ensures that all employment actions, including recruitment, selection, retention, compensation, evaluation, disciplinary and other terms and conditions of employment comply with appropriate law, regulations and policies. Holds staff meetings, expends effort to develop and maintain collaboration between department heads, supervisors and professionals. Provides training and develops programs and opportunities for employees, contract employees and volunteers in an organized manner, designed and scheduled to assure compliance with statutes and regulations, departmental policy and procedures, and the needs of the facility
Manages and directs the departmental function and operations of all inmates sentenced to the custody of the Secretary of Corrections. Assesses and evaluates admission and discharge processes to enhance the efficiency in processing inmates through EDCF
Performs other assigned duties and responsibilities necessary to the operation of EDCF and KDOC. Performs unexpected duties and responsibilities in a willing and timely manner. Interacts with representatives of the news media concerning human-E stories and incidents involving the facility or criminal justice/corrections

Minimum Qualifications:
A Bachelors Degree with major coursework in criminal justice, the social sciences, the behavioral sciences, or public administration, and five years of supervisory and administrative/manager level experience in the field of corrections
Substitution: Ten (10) years - progressive supervisor management experience in a correctional facility
Preferred Skills and/or Qualifications:
A Masters Degree with major coursework in criminal justice, the social sciences, the behavioral sciences, or public administration

Ability to:
Administer a multi-custody correctional institution; communicate effectively; and deal with employees, inmates and the public with diplomacy
Develop, implement, interpret, and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of complex statutes, rules, regulations, as well as Departmental and institutional policies and procedures
Think and act quickly during an emergency; to follow oral and written instructions; and to plan, assign, and direct the work of others
Maintain discipline among inmates
Communicate effectively, orally, and in writing
Plan, organize, direct and evaluate staff
Knowledge of:
Modern principles, practices, and methods of correctional administration and rehabilitation, and understanding of the factors that produce crime and the attitudes, problems and behavior of those under restraint
Principles and concepts of learning and effective instruction
Modern management principles and practices, particularly those related to fiscal controls and personnel
Necessary Special Qualifications, Licenses, Certifications, and or Registrations:
Positions in this class require that at the time of appointment the selected candidate must take and pass a drug screening test approved by the Division of Personnel Services unless the incumbent is moving from one safety-sensitive position to another safety-sensitive position within the same agency performing substantially similar duties.
Possess and maintain a valid drivers license

How to Apply:
Register by completing the online Personal Data Form https://admin.ks.gov/services/state-employment-center/sec-home/state-employment/register-personal-data NOTE: Skip this step if you already have an Applicant ID number
Complete the State of Kansas Application Form https://admin.ks.gov/services/state-employment-center/sec-home/state-employment/apply Submit to: Corrections, Department of (Central Office) Do not submit to the any other KDOC facility
Email additional required documents: Cover Letter, Resume, College Transcripts and Tax Clearance Certificate to KDOC_CO_Applicant@ks.gov include the job requisition number and your last name in the subject line
KANSAS TAX CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE REQUIRED: Each applicant applying for a State of Kansas job vacancy must obtain a valid Kansas Certificate of Tax Clearance by accessing the Kansas Department of Revenue's website at http://www.ksrevenue.org/taxclearance.html. A Tax Clearance is a comprehensive tax account review to determine and ensure that an individual's account is compliant with all primary Kansas Tax Laws. A Tax Clearance expires every 90 days. All applicants, including current state employees, are responsible for submitting a valid certificate with all other application materials to the hiring agency. If you need assistance with the tax clearance, please contact 785-296-3199
NOTE: Submission of a rsum or an application alone IS NOT a complete application. This position requires the completion of additional forms and/or supplemental materials as described previously. Please carefully review the complete job announcement and the "How to Apply" instructions. Failure to provide the required information and/or materials will result in not being considered for employment.

St. Charles County Department of Corrections
301 N. 2nd Street
St. Charles, MO. 63301
For more information, call Human Resources at 636-949-7320 or email humanresources@sccmo.org

Salary Range: $ 84,360 - $132,530 per year.

This is a full-time position leading a complex, 24 hour a day public safety Department. The position includes a full range of benefits including Paid Time Off, Extended Medical Leave, Holidays, Employee health, dental, life, disability, retirement and tuition assistance programs. This position is an appointment of the County Executive and requires advice and consent of the County Council. The position is not covered by the County Merit System. *The St. Charles County Charter requires that within one hundred twenty (120) days of appointment, each department head shall be a resident of St. Charles County.
JOB DESCRIPTION: The purpose of this position is to plan, direct, lead, manage and supervise the Department of Corrections. The position leads a Department of more than 170 employees, including 79 Correctional Officers, 24 Correctional POST Certified Peace Officers, as well as the specialized medical units, suicide prevention units, administrative and food service personnel. The Director plans and oversees the approved budget pursuant to County policy and procedures. The Director serves as the appointing authority for staff working in the Department. Key issues are inmate supervision and security, facility security and security maintenance for County Corrections functions. The Director of Corrections reports to the Director of Administration.

Additional key tasks of the Director are to:
-Lead department long and short term planning, including projecting future needs;
-Recommend capital improvements;
-Review, update, develop and implement department policies and procedures for all aspects of Corrections, including inmate supervision, personnel matters, facility maintenance, security, recordkeeping, etc., according to applicable laws, case law, rules and regulations;
-Recommend changes in department staff functions and organization of staff as necessary;
-Act as appointing authority, including establishing lines of communication, addressing staff concerns and dealing with disciplinary matters;
-Advise and counsel senior supervisory staff;
-Is involved in the development and revision, as necessary, of staffing needs and standards. Hires staff and determines staff transfers and promotions;
-Coordinate County Corrections with outside agencies and services such as law enforcement, courts, social services, mental and physical health care providers, clergy, educators, vendors, etc.

The Director fulfills certain duties with regard to inmates/detainees, including ensuring procedures are in place to hear and respond to complaints and concerns and to ensure the proper policies and procedures are in place for safety and security of staff, inmates and the public.

The Director performs public outreach functions, both in the County and area law enforcement community and with the general public of the County. The Director reviews facility reports and correspondence and may draft or oversee the drafting of reports and correspondence. The Director is charged with maintaining knowledge of current Corrections theory, practices and procedures; applicable laws, rules and regulations related to Corrections; budget development and administration policies and procedures; Corrections personnel policies and procedures; and inmate care standards. Additionally, the Director is expected to maintain current knowledge on corrections technology, be familiar with facility design standards and planning for facility construction and expansion.

REQUIREMENTS: Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice or a closely related field. Certified Jail Manager (CJM), American Jail Association or other professional Corrections Associations preferred. Ten or more years of experience with progressively increasing job responsibilities, including five years experience in Corrections or related programs. At least 3-5 years experience at a general management or executive level with policy making responsibilities. A combination of education and experience that provides equivalent knowledge, skills and abilities may be considered.

TO APPLY: All applications must be submitted only through our Self-Service Website at http://hr.sccmo.org/hr. We do not accept faxed, e-mailed or print applications. For your convenience, if needed, terminals are available on site at the HR Dept., 201 N. Second St., Room 519, St. Charles, MO 63301 Monday Friday 8:00 am 5:00 pm.

Applications will be accepted on a continuing basis until the position is filled or a sufficient number of qualified candidates have applied.

St. Charles County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Council of State Governments Justice Center
1325 4th Ave Ste 1215
Seattle, WA. 98101
For more information, call Harmony Jovet at 206-454-8293 or email hjovet@csg.org

The Justice Center is currently seeking a Policy Analyst based in our New York or Seattle office to manage a justice reinvestment state project. They will lead and coordinate efforts among a team of experts to provide on-site technical assistance, with an emphasis on analyzing policy and legislation, conducting and synthesizing research, engaging and working with stakeholders and state leadership, and developing policy options to improve correctional outcomes, reduce recidivism and help create safer communities.

The successful candidate will be an excellent project manager who balances meticulous attention to detail with an ability to see the big picture and lead a team towards meeting key strategic goals and milestones. This position requires keen observation skills, an ability to work both independently and as a member of a team, excellent interpersonal skills, including maturity and a sense of humor, and strong communication both written and verbal. Success in this position depends on learning and adapting to new information quickly and thoughtfully. Candidates must be willing to travel, occasionally several times a month, and must have a minimum of four years work experience.

For more information regarding the position and requirements, and to apply, please visit our application website at https://csg.applicantpro.com/jobs/.

CSG is an Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity Employer
CSG participates in E-Verify