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Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder gets rid of felon question on state job applications

Gov. Rick Snyder is getting rid of the "Were you convicted of a felony" question on state licensing applications and job applications for all state departments and agencies. The governor announced on Friday that the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs removed that checkbox on occupational licensing, and he signed an executive directive on state job applications. The felony conviction checkbox will be replaced with an affirmation of good character statement. While these changes only apply to applications state jobs, Snyder is also urging private employers to remove the felony box from job applications. “The continuation of Michigan’s comeback depends on all populations and communities being part of our success,” Snyder said. The governor is trying to make it easier for convicted felons in Michigan to re-enter the workforce by lowering barriers to employment. Snyder also signed legislation in 2017 that now allows the Michigan Department of Corrections to hire formerly convicted felons.