Susan M. Hunter Correctional Scholarship

The Susan M. Hunter Correctional Scholarship is named in honor of Susan Hunter, former Chief of the Prisons Division at the National Institute of Corrections, as a lasting tribute to her commitment to the field of corrections. Susan was 58 when she passed away March 14, 2004.

IMPORTANT: Before applying, please read the to learn more about eligibility requirements and the application process.


Congratulations to the 2017 Susan M. Hunter Scholarship Recipients:

Skylar Bartley- MI DOC
Madalyn Bass- FL DOC
Sarah Bos- NE DOC
Adam Branch- NYS DOC
Katelyn Choate- IA DOC
Mariah Clark- CDCR
Kimberlee Deak- AL DOC
Cooper Dodge- OR DOC
Skylar Duhon- AZ DOC
Phaith Dulap-Tunnage- VA DOC
Ethan Emmerich- FBOP
Alexis Gates- FBOP
Jeffrey Gillaspie- SD DOC
Jeremiah Gu- FL DOC
Kylie Hall- WI DOC
Andrew Harlow- CDDR
Emily Holt- CDCR
Meaghan Ireland- CO DOC
Hope Opia- MD DPSCS
Kara Pisczek- PA DOC
Tiara Powe- FBOP
Michelle Ragain- MO DOC
Brenna Rhiness- CO DOC
Carrie Rodriguez- MA DOC
Hunter Scott- PA DOC
Clayton Selby- IL DOC
Caitlyn Sizemore- OK DOC
Alexa Sowers- MD DPSCS